Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting Things Done

Again, no fiber images to share -- although I finished two quilt projects over the weekend that I can't show yet.  One is the Fiberactions "transformation" quilt, which will be revealed on November 15.  The other is a commissioned quilted pet portrait that's a surprise for the recipient, so I don't feel good about showing that either. 

I sold my spinning wheel/spinning chair and lots of accessories late last week.  Today I started to inventory the spinning fiber and yarn I have for sale --  boxes and boxes of it!  I just listed a couple things at Etsy -- silk hankies for dyeing and spinning, and luxury fiber sample packs.  I'm planning a local sale on Saturday, December 4 here in Fortuna.  More on that later.  I'll be posting more stuff to Etsy throughout November.  So check back regularly.

We've got Indian Summer happening here now -- it was HOT (for us) today, in the 70s.  I've got the windows open, fans on in both rooms, and still I'm sweltering.  I wasn't meant for hot weather!


Unknown said...

Holy cow, I haven't had any time to browse my favorite blogs, and now I have so many posts to catch up on (can I just say that it made me giggle seeing that you and I posted to our blogs this week using the same title??)

I know it's got to be a little heart-tugging to sell you wheel and loom, but if you know you're not going to use them again, it's better to have done, yes? I tend to be brutal about getting rid of stuff I no longer use (who has the space to contain it all??) but for the much-loved stuff, it's just hard. Good luck in selling these pieces! :D

artymess said...

this collage is very atmospheric ......x

Anonymous said...

Love the collage.

Sandy said...

Very intriguing collage. I keep looking at it. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Wish I could pull myself together to 'Get things done'. Congrats on the sale of the spinning equipment.