Sunday, October 10, 2010

Moving Right Along

Three months ago I posted photos of piles of fabric being auditioned for four upcoming quilts (that post here).  This weekend I started fooling around with these.  Here are a couple of first takes.

I have myself a one-piece gallery on the wall in the front room of Rose Cottage.  I just hung a new show today.  East/West of Purple, from a few months back, is made of procion-dyed raw silk samples on hand dyed foundation cloth.

I decided to use the same hanging slat for whatever I show, so I don't have to put holes all over the wall for different width pieces.

I've had a really lovely day at home all day.  I feel so content, I have everything I need for life/art virtually right at hand.


Irene said...

I'm glad you feel so contented. What a lovely life you're living. It must be wonderful to live surrounded by your art. All that color!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Yummy! Great colors, designs, compositions... a veritable feast for the eyes! I'm with you... I finally installed an 11 foot slat on my guest room wall for my gallery... got tired of all those holes in the sheet rock!
I'm glad to see you are enjoying your Rose Cottage and your life of art!

Unknown said...

I LOVE "East/West", Connie, really beautiful piece!

I'm so glad to hear you're happy and enjoying life. :D

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Great Idea. Should think of something like that for myself. Love East West. New stuff is looking good. I would love Rose Cottage.

Unknown said...

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