Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Sketchbook Collages

Here are three of the latest and last seven Sketchbook Project collages.  The Page now has every collage I've done for the project.  I'm finishing up glazing the pages -- sure wish I hadn't done that at all, but once I started I had to go all the way through.  I'm glad to be finishing up with this, want it to be done!
I'll have DSL in my studio next week!  Really stoked about that.  The really cool thing is that I'm taking the modem/router I was using previously, there's already a phone line to the studio, and the cost per month will be less than half what I've been paying for the same speed.  Go figure!

In the next few days or week I'll take photos of my new studio/home, which I am now calling Rose Cottage.  It's tight, but sweet.  And that works for me.


Nora said...

That sounds like a good name for your new place of living and working. Will you have a shingle made?

Chris Gray said...

...those collages are just begging to be turned into a stitched textile!...

Hope you'll be happy in your new nest :-)

frazzledsugarplummum said...

As soon as I saw these collages I immediately thought the same as Chris Gray...."those collages are just begging to be turned into a stitched textile"! Amazing. Maybe I have been looking at too much fashion design of late.

Yippee on getting your internet organised. So much better to be able to access that whenever you feel like it.

Congrats on nearly finishing your sketchbook project. You sure got into that conscientiously and I wish I could see it in person.

Rose Cottage....I like it.

My Mum had a floral business she called the Rose Shirlee after my now passed away sister and myself so I am always nostalgic with anything using the word rose. Guess how you first caught my attention. I really am excited for you having your own sweet corner of the world.