Friday, September 24, 2010

Diamonds on the Lake

This is the last of the quilted Italy pieces, called Diamonds on the Lake, 12x12" mounted on stretched canvas.  Perhaps I'll get quilting on the last four this weekend, but then again, maybe not.  I do know that I want to sleep a lot, and read, and be quiet.

I've had a busy first week living in my studio.  I actually really love small space living, because I have a terrific knack for creatively organizing a lot of stuff into not much space.  Each load of goods I bring over has been digested or assimilated, piece by piece, into the existing scheme.  Or I'll move stuff around to accommodate.  It's challenging and fun.  Note: there's still a lot of household stuff that will stay at the old place until it gets moved into storage next spring.  But I've got everything I need with me now.

BeeGee is loving his new home -- although he keeps looking up at me as if to ask, "Is this all there is?"  Yes, darling boy, this is it, small and sweet.  Check out the video of Beeg, just posted to his blog.

I've been collaging most days, getting my feet wet again, slowly getting back into an artmaking routine.  I had the realization early this week, though, that I no longer need to feel such a compulsion to make art.  I want to just be, more.  Relax, take it easy, read more, breathe easier, let go of the drive I've always had.

I'm experiencing a fundamental shift in my way of being in the world.  Looser, wiser, like I've suddenly become the person I've wanted to be for all my adult life.  Like it's a whole new ballgame.


Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

These are lovely pieces Connie!

*TheMermaid* said...

Hey I lived in my studio for a while too, though not by choice. It does feel good to scale down to just the essentials. Beautiful quilt... enjoy your shift.

Jan said...

Brava! All this sounds good. I could really use your small-space expertise...I wish you were close enough to guide and crack the whip! LOL.

Nora said...

I'm glad you're happy, Connie, and that you don't have to escape into your work.

frazzledsugarplummum said...