Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where Inspiration Comes From

Last night on PBS I watched the concert from the White House honoring Sir Paul McCartney's winning the Gershwin Prize for lifetime achievement in popular American music. The concert itself was terrific -- numerous musicians singing their versions of some of Paul's songs, and Paul himself doing several with his band. If you have the chance to see it, don't miss it.

What really inspired me, though, was the subtly changing colors on the drapes in the background. I was struck by the awesome color contrasts -- in particular, brilliant orange and metallic aqua. I usually go for monochromatic or analogous colorways, so it's interesting that big color contrasts are "up" for me at the moment.

I fished out this brilliant orange cotton I dyed a while back, and my aqua PearlEx metallic pigment -- and then came across these images of jellies recently added to my big box of collage fodder. Now I know why I was so attracted to the images...apparently something is moving me in this directly colorwise. So I'm curious to see what I do with this electric combo.

I've created a Page on my blog for Sketchbook Project Collages, and new ones will be added there instead of the blog proper. I've been missing my work with I'll have to get back to fiber arts for my primary blog posts. Whatever it takes!


Emma said...

Just been catching up with your fabulous collage, still swithering as to whether I do the sketchbook project or not. I mean, 6 months!

Love the fabric piles you've made for the digital piece quilts - must get me some Inkaid!

Emma said...

forgot to say, orange & turquoise is one of my favorite combinations!

Jan said...

I love bright colors!


... and of course these colours really work together so fabulously being opposites on the colour wheel. I am the same ... I like monotones usually, but every now and again a burst of colours, vibrant and bright, comes to the fore and I cannot hold it in. A page for such bursts is such a good idea!

Have a lovely week
Thank you for the inspiration

Carolyn x


ps. just noticed you are doing the sketchbook project and I am too so I have sent you a friendship request


Deb Hardman said...

It's funny, I used to not realy like orange, but since living in Alaska, I've come to love it. I think it's warmth speaks to me, here in this cool climate.

I do the same thing when I'm watching tv or a movie. I get inspired by the backgrounds & textures, on the walls & clothes. That was the best part of "Lord of the Rings".

I love the fabric & th jellys.

jackie said...

I'm pleased you liked my books. I wasn't sure where to leave a comment as you have so many blogs.I see you get the same sort of weird anonymous comments that I do. I now delete them using moderation. I don't really know what they are about -are they placing something on the blog?