Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Acts

A couple of random images I've had in my upload folder for a week or so... Above, the back of a building in Old Town Eureka. Talk about lines and grids!

This is a small jewelry holder I created over the last couple weeks. The outside dimension is only 11x11" and I'm able to get everything on it that I wear. Most of the jewelry, as you can see, is my own work. I made a decision some years back to wear my own jewelry almost exclusively, despite loving so much other artisan jewelry. I've never had the discretionary income to load up on others' work, and if I get tired of something, I don't have to feel guilty for buying it and then no longer wearing it!

And these are the two latest sketchbook collages. I'm just about finished going through the book on the fronts of the pages. Now I'll do more on the covers including some kind of unobtrusive closure, and then I'll decide whether or not to collage the backs of the pages. Maybe I'll do something entirely different for the backs, e.g., not collage. We'll see!


Irene said...

I like how you keep your jewelry safe and on display. I love the way it all looks like a treasure trove. Is it all hypo-allergenic?

Terri Stegmiller said...

The colors and visual textures in that last piece are really attractive.