Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Odd Bodkins

Yesterday I shiboried an orange cotton t-shirt for Scotty to donate to a raffle, and I threw some odd pieces into the pot. The dye color was a dark brown (black plus Dharma's rust brown) and it worked perfectly on the t-shirt. I got some really interesting results, shown here, on the other fabrics.

The two pieces with blue in them were from last week's teal/turquoise/electric blue shibori, then overdyed yesterday. The piece at upper right is raw silk -- black fiber reactive dye turns burgundy on silk. The middle top piece is homespun cotton.

There's so much mystery involved with fiber reactive dyes, far more so than with acid dyes...which I've been thinking about a lot this week, as I prepare for this weekend's acid dye workshop.

Yesterday's Sketchbook collage has been posted to my blog Page.


Sandy said...

That's the fun of dyeing-never being sure of what will happen. Interesting pieces.

Judy said...

oh, I'm loving that piece in the background with the green and blue showing through!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Love all of them especially the bottom fabric. Have fun with the dye class.