Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting Back to Cruise

I just posted five new Sketchbook collages on their Page. About all I've gotten done in the last few days has been collages. But my really busy time with other stuff is officially now I can slowly get back to the numerous art projects on the burners.  Today I decided definitively to do the backs of the pages in the Sketchbook collage journal, starting from the back and moving forward until I'm back at page 1.  Then I'll fashion a closure for the ever-thickening book.

Totally off topic but I want to share it with you -- I just watched Michael Jackson's This Is It DVD and I totally loved it. If you haven't seen it yet -- if you're a laggard like me -- then definitely see it. And don't forget the bonus stuff on the disk -- especially the chapter about costuming. The textiles those designers created, incorporating amazing technology and cutting-edge materials, are not to be missed.

I have a multitude of techniques that I hope to get back into sometime soon -- monoprinting, stamping, printing with thickened dyes, discharging.  Stay tuned to see what develops.

First up, though, Fiberactions' stretch-themed quilt, just waiting for more variegated thread before I start quilting.  I expect to have it finished by this weekend.  I have four quilts-to-be that I previewed fabrics for not long ago that I've decided to make into its own small series, or four pieces that go together, whatever that's called.  And that new series of smaller pieces, two of which I also have nearly ready to quilt.  And more Italy pieces ready to go.  Wow, lots to do!


Pamela Price Klebaum said...

This collage is full of movement. Marvelous!

Vicki W said...

I have to START my Fiberactions piece!

frazzledsugarplummum said...

It is great to back with a working computer and able to read posts and leave comments. I always look forward to your subscription emails popping up with another dynamite artistic endeavour. Love the collage and went back and looked at the missed ones. Those sketchbook ones are amazing. Don't know how you work so small. What a wonderful collection of sketchbooks there will be. I have been following a few on the net.

Thanks for the tip re the Michael Jackson vid. I saw some of it on TV. Excellent.

Sounds like you have another period of artistic projects lined up. I am looking forward to seeing those lately chosen fabrics done and the 'Stretch' challenge.


Sandra Rude said...

Wonderful collage. It has such movement and intensity!