Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Three Pages

My first three Sketchbook pages, in reverse order. Number 3 is above, then 2, then 1 at the bottom. My theme is Lines & Grids and obviously I'm making little collages of lined and/or gridded images.

I'm also putting a tiny bit of glitz in each collage, although it's difficult to see in the photos. My biggest challenge has been how, and whether or not to treat the pages after building the collages...because each finished sketchbook will likely be handled by tons of people.

Normally I use rubber cement with my collages, and I'm doing the same in the sketchbook. But the first two days I experimented with varnishing the page, front and back, with a light coat of acrylic. I don't like how the pages curled, even with flattening. So I tore out those two pages, rough finished the edges around the collage, and rubber cemented them to new pages. Today's and subsequent entries will be rubber cemented on the page. Period.

I've decided not to be attached to what the book will look like after being viewed by the multitudes. It's ephemera, for God's sake! It doesn't matter to me how long it lasts. I'm building the sketchbook and putting it out to the world. It's not going to come back to me. In fact, I hope it gets really well worn and maybe begins to fall apart in transit to its next life.


Gerrie said...

Exactly!!! Love these very Connie collages!!

neki desu said...

these are fantastic!
we seem to be living in a sacralised ephemera world and as a result look at our stashes.

Meg said...

Gee, so much work on each page, Connie... Yikes... Are there many pages on the sketchbook? I think I'll have to commit to ultra/super simplicity.

Irene said...

You are a true artist and make everything seem so easy, when in reality it isn't and we couldn't copy you if we tried.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Awesome pages Connie: I've always liked your images of lines and grids. I like the idea of others looking at, touching, contemplating 'art' and leaving their own 'mark' on it.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I contemplated doing a sketchbook, and grids/lines seemed the obvious choice of theme for me. On second thought, I wasn't sure I'd do anything very interesting - my creative processes seem a bit stuck right now, unable to come up with anything but the obvious. You have shown me a very not obvious way to work with lines and grids. These are lovely.