Monday, May 10, 2010

The Little Princeling

I call Kirby my little princeling, and here he is complete, coming right off the quilt! The fabrics are discharged, painted, printed, shiboried and low water dyed.

I took it kind of easy today, relative to the last couple days...although I did mix up the last of the potato dextrin resist and get it slathered on a piece of fabric...and I got myself ready to do some soy wax batik tomorrow. Including finding an old electric skillet, something I've been hankering to get for over a year, at the local thrift shop today!

It poured this morning, now it's sunny and breezy, and puffy white clouds are drifting by. The weather service promises sunshine for the rest of the week. And spring is in full swing!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Your Princeling Kirby does come right out of the quilt. You did a wonderful piece Connie. You have one each of your dear boys now.

Jan said...

Oh! I have an old electric skillet that I plan to put in my yard sale...what will you use it for: art of cooking?

Approachable Art said...


Nora said...

Very nice, Connie, great colors to surround the cat. Very bright and princely.