Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yin & Yang

Ah yes, a new Blogger posting format...just when I got really comfortable with the last one!

I finished off two batches of shibori today -- one turned out magnificently, the other rather stunk!  Hence the title Yin & Yang.  These are the best pieces and pics.  They're all from the teal batch, except for the circles piece, which is one of only two pieces that I liked from the olive batch.  The other pieces in that batch I discharged and will dye again.

Just above, this is a little square piece of cotton that I folded into the center, flipped over and folded again several times -- like one of those paper finger things we used to make as kids.  I really liked the way this turned out, will definitely try again.

Old linen hankie with hand stitched mokume shibori.

Heavy cotton/rayon with little rocks put in all over, bundled and tied individually.

I'm happier with this piece of fabric than anything else I've ever dyed!  It's half of an old linen damask tablecloth, shiboried on a pole.

An old linen hankie, wrapped and scrunched down on a pole, then overtied with heavy thread.

My primary experiment with these two batches was to use dye colors that I mixed myself from primaries, and then leave the batches overnight so that the colors would separate to whatever degree they would.  The photo above is everything from the teal batch.  The most color separation in this batch occurred in the raw silk piece, the fourth from the bottom which shows some of the yellow in the color, and the muslin pieces on top show more of the small amount of fuchsia in the mix.

The olive batch didn't work very well although there was a wide range of color variation.  Below are the two good pieces from this batch -- the circles piece from above, plus a pole wrapped piece with pleats wrapped in.  This last piece is handwoven of silk and linen.  Lots of color separation here.

So, all in two days work!


artymess said...

These are lovely I am tempted to have a go ......you have to have the balance of Yin and Yang thats the way of life ....Lorna

Anonymous said...

You have got some gorgeous fabrics here.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Yummy work! And I really love the pole wrap... nice color variation, and great markings!

Unknown said...

The damask tablecloth is art. Connie, all by itself. Iron it, frame it, and call it done, IMO! LOL

Guh, such beautiful work you do... if you lived closer I'm afraid I would be something of a pest around your studio until you taught me these techniques.

What exactly went wrong with the olive green batch (inquiring dyers want to know lol)? Would you show us some photos prettyplease?

Sandra Rude said...

These are all beautiful, Connie!

Judy said...

Looks like you were having a great time in the dye studio. I'm thinking it's because the fucshia and yellows are stronger dye colors, that they separate out like that, right? It doesn't have anything to do with the fiber itself, does it?


Terri Stegmiller said...

I love the results of your shibori.

Meg said...

That does it. Pole wrapping is absolutely my favorite! Forever! Yes!

Vicki W said...

These are all terrific pieces but I absolutely love the tablecloth!

frazzledsugarplummum said...

WOnderful Pieces especially the damask tablecloth. I love that just as it is.

Fulvia said...

Pools of Light. That's all I see. Gorgeous.

Deborah said...

These are all gorgeous!