Saturday, April 3, 2010

Series Within a Series

I've had a busy week, with not a lot to show for it -- yet, anyway. I completed the first go-round for my convergence-themed challenge quilt and decided to move on, in terms of finding another way to articulate my idea. This weekend I'll move onto the second effort.

As I began putting fabrics together for several new digital image quilts, a new series within that series emerged...small pieces built around images I've been taking recently of the skies over Fortuna CA where I live. I've been so enchanted these last few months with photos of the sky that my Textural Images blog is featuring those images exclusively these days. One of the best things about living where I do now is the open view of the sky with the surrounding hills, the Eel River within shouting distance, and the Pacific Ocean minutes from my door. More inspiration than one person can make use of in a lifetime.

BIG NEWS: I'm having a sale -- a big Spring Celebration Sale -- on both my sales blog and at my Etsy Shop. Soon as I hit 500 fans on my Facebook FanPage -- and I'm at 497 right now -- the sale will begin. Everything listed at both sites is on sale at 25 percent off the listed price! So if you're not already a fan, go there now, become a fan, then you can start shopping right away. I will make the price adjustments on either your PayPal invoice, or by sending you a refund if you pay right away at Etsy. Email me if you need more info about this.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Judy said...

Talk about inspiration: that sky photo speaks volumes, doesn't it! Good luck with your sale. Your work is so very fine!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Your sky images are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Meg said...

HUGE problem with your sale, Connie. Impossible to choose!