Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vanishing Point

Inspired by the photo below of the ceiling of a walkway/arcade next to a piazza in Florence, here is my first photo quilt for March, entitled Vanishing Point. It's a pretty loose interpretation...I seem to be getting a lot looser with these photo quilts, which is a good thing.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and congrats on yesterday's post. I'm still a little bit high, enjoying my 15 minutes of fame for another few moments.

I've had a really productive last few days in the studio. My third circles quilt is in process and I hope to finish the last two I have basted by late this coming weekend.

I'm taking a Stitched Embellishment class this weekend, given by April Sproule of Fortuna. Yes, we're virtually in the middle of nowhere here, but we have April, professional longarm quilter and awesome art quilter, who's also a member of my Fortuna Fiber Artists group. The class is happening at Eureka Fabrics, a terrific new fabric shop in Old Town Eureka, owned by another fiber friend, Rima Greer (who's also a wonderful weaver).

That's it for now. I've got to get my day started!


Meg Fowler said...

Very nice! You should have saved this one for "Convergence." Would have worked!

And, I have no idea how I missed your announcement yesterday about your article in QA> WOW! Big congratulations!!!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I like loose interpretations and when the artist isn't trying so desperately to hang on to the original image, but is willing to make it more abstract and do the opposite of what is expected. Only enlightened minds can do that.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

This is great! Your pieces have always been wonderful but they just get even more so. That must come when one is prepared to put in the practise and technical study. Looking forward to seeing what you might do with Stitched Embellishment. Have fun.

Rayna said...

Loose is good!! This piece works beautifully for what you are interpreting.