Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quilts This Month

Lest you think I've given up quilting, rest assured that I have a growing collection of quilts ready to be quilted for March. I've been on a dyeing and design roll but very soon will get to the quilting part of art quilting.

Meanwhile, here's a cool piece of fabric I dyed a couple weeks ago. This morning I did that second set of color samples, using lemon yellow, fire red and cerulean blue. Can't wait to see them, completely dry, tomorrow morning.

Tonight I'm hoping to start in on Season 1 of Quilting Arts TV, which a dear friend loaned me. She's got every season and I'm excited. We do get QA on our local PBS station, but it airs at 12:30 Monday afternoons -- not a great time to watch. So I've never actually seen any of them!

I did learn recently that some of my fabrics and small quilts will be shown on a QA segment on deconstructed screen printing that will air in June. My work was back at QA's headquarters being photographed for the April/May issue of the magazine, and they contacted me about holding on to the fabric a while longer to show on the broadcast. How cool is that! And that issue should be out soon.

And speaking of cool fabric, if you haven't stopped by my sales blog in a while, I've got some wonderful hand dyed fabrics available. So check it out!


Meg said...

I love this one, as you can guess. I even think it looks somewhat like my cotton drafts, if I may say so!

Bonnie said...

Goddesses emerge!

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Lovely piece.