Monday, February 15, 2010

Shibori in a Jar

Busy weekend! On Saturday I dyed a jar full of fabrics -- via the parfait method -- most of which I had folded, scrunched or tied for shibori. I used some "new" fabrics (meaning, never been dyed before), some previously dyed ones, and some old linen pieces, doilies, etc. that I've been buying for a song at a local antique shop.

The piece above is raw silk, dyed for the first time this weekend.

This piece is an old linen napkin that I'd dyed in a previous parfait batch that I had actually liked, but there were massive dye freckles on it originally. It was previously dyed a golden brown, now overdyed with purples and blues.

This is a piece of muslin, dyed for the first time.

This is a piece of muslin that I'd dyed about 10 days ago in a golden yellow color. I had dyed it specifically for a quilt I'll be finishing this week, but there wasn't enough color mottling so I used something else for the quilt, and overdyed the fabric this weekend.

One of my favorites of this batch, another piece of muslin.

This was a piece of bleached muslin, I think (which I only used once and won't again) that I had shiboried months ago. It was mostly white with pale olive green areas. Now it's mostly lilac! Those undulating purple lines are interesting, I've never achieved them before.

This is a fat quarter of muslin that I pole wrapped and stuck in the jar. Looks like it's been dyed twice but it was just this once over the weekend.

Another old linen piece.

Today I'm finishing up an experimental abstract quilt I worked on over the weekend. Another personal challenge, I guess you could say. I'll say more about the whole abstract thing when I upload that little quilt.


Anonymous said...

These are all very interesting and lovely, Connie! Fun fun.

Vicki W said...


Karen S said...

Beautiful -- I especially like the one you wrapped on a pole.

Judy said...

love that bleached muslin piece: woohoo!


Gerrie said...

Love, love. I am going to dye this week. Need some new inspiration.

Rayna said...

These are gorgeous and the lilac is my favorite. Yummy, is right!

Approachable Art said...


Guh, these are wonderful.