Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Same But Different

There's a Zen saying, "You can't step twice into the same stream," that's so apropos to getting a new hard drive -- things are never quite the same as they were before, even though nothing substantial has changed. How strange it all is. Many of the same programs look different -- like Blogger, for one. As long as everything works the same, I'm fine with it. But it just goes to show that you can't be attached to anything these days!

Anywho, back at the ranch...I was going to upload new photos of San Sepolcro after having touched up the entire piece with Paintstix, but I'm on to other things now so I won't go back. Let's just say that with the addition of the metallic oil paint rubbed lightly everywhere, the quilt has much more of that "under the Tuscan sun" look. Oh, and an aside -- I think the photo was from Citta di Castello, NOT San Sepolcro! We went to both places that day, and I'm quite sure now that the photo was from the first place we stopped -- where we visited a weaving workshop that's been in existence for over 100 years. Maybe I'll name the second articulation of the photo Citta di Castello!

So, about the piece here, it is my second collage quilt for January -- original collage below -- named Up Above It All. I think this one's my favorite!

The fabrics are cotton and linen, discharged, shiboried or both, and printed.

I'm so glad to be back!


Rayna said...

I am also glad you are back. Computer crashes are the pits.

Emma said...

Hi Connie, got your beautiful cards today, so glad to have won them! All your new work is gorgeous, you must be a driven woman!(that's a compliment; just shows I'm envious of your creative energy :) ) Thanks again, I'm off to be inspired by you in the studio!
Warmest, Emma
ps, was I still showing unable to recognise/reply to? I'll suss this system out one day!

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Very nice. I especially like the placement of each piece. Those shibori pieces are something else again. Thanks for sharing.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Very beautiful, Connie. You must be so glad to have your computer back.

Approachable Art said...

Welcome back!!

I have fabric envy, I want your inventory!! :D

Judy said...

I'm glad you're back too! Aren't computers the darnedest things! I'm having 'issues' and I'm not happy about it!
Your piece is lovely! So much talent!!!!