Monday, January 4, 2010

Presentation Options

My usual method of finishing quilts has included sewing a fabric label on the back, as well as a hanging sleeve. However, when I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to put smaller pieces on frames, I stopped adding the sleeve. The first 16x12 piece I completed, I wrapped the fabric right around the frame and stapled it on. But I didn't really like it, it felt like something was missing. I unstapled it all and finished the quilt as usual, handstitching the facing on the back.

I realized that I prefer laying a finished quilt on top of a frame, as I did recently with some of my 10x10" quilts, and adhering it. But I haven't wanted to do this with my growing collection of 16x12" quilts -- largely because nearly all quilt shows and fiber art exhibitions require art quilts to have a hanging sleeve. If I frame these pieces permanently, then I can't enter them in shows.

Using the quilt I finished yesterday, Wave of The Future, I came up with this solution -- I added a sleeve, and then I adhered the quilt to a frame with that thick, tacky 2-sided tape, around the edges and in the middle. It works just fine, stays on the frame. When I want to show the pieces on frames, I will finish the sides as I did earlier, with acrylic paint or gesso, and I'll use more of the tacky tape. Meanwhile, when I want to enter the quilts in shows, they'll be ready to hang the normal way.

I spent nearly the entire day adding sleeves to eight recent quilts. Now they're all finished and ready to show!


Alice said...

A very interesting solution to a "sticky" problem.

Katherine Regier said...

I have very much enjoyed watching your journey with your small quilts. All are very lovely and sophisticated!
Does the double sided tape remove completely (no adhesive residue) when you wish to send the quilt to a show?

Vicki W said...

Very clever!

The Green Stone Woman said...

You're smart and industrious.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Great solution. Thanks for sharing it.

Approachable Art said...

Wish you would come and add sleeves to all my little quilts, too LOL. Excellent idea you have there for display. :D