Friday, January 22, 2010

Circles, Circles, Circles

I'm taking a break from tinkering with photos in Photoshop, to post my latest quilt. This is the first of my new circles series, called Circles 1 at this point. It's 12x12 inches and I'll be putting it right on a frame. The three main sections of fabric were all from one session printing with a deconstructed screen. Amazing how different the prints can be from the same screen. I made some binding fabric yesterday, by applying random dots of Setacolor Shimmer in varying sizes to a piece of black Kona, then did a French binding this morning.

So speaking of circles, and as I'm working with photo images, it seems apropos to mention that it seems as though there's potentially no end to the possibilities inherent in one good digital image. In fact, the endlessness goes way beyond that.

For instance, often, when I prepare deconstructed screens for printing, the screens themselves are so engaging with the dried dye on them in unusual patterns, that I'll photograph them. I've then printed those images on fabric and quilted them. I may go back to the image, remove the color, boost the contrast, and consider it for a potential thermofax screen. So that image will show up on fabric again in the future, transformed yet again from the original.

Some of my favorite photographs are images I've taken of fabrics I've surface designed. Which I've often then printed on fabric and used in quilts. It reminds me of one of those photos of mirror images repeating endlessly toward the horizon. I make the fabric, I photograph the fabric, I print the image on infinitum.

Similarly, I'll tinker with digital images of my paper collages, upload them to Collage Journey, print them on notecards, and use the outtakes as material in my paper collages. I've also printed collage images on fabric and quilted them. Round and round it goes.

So it appears as though everything I'm doing influences everything I'm doing. I suppose another way to conceptualize this is that my creativity has come full circle. Perhaps this is why I am so enamored of circles!


Jan said...

Your last comment made me chuckle. Love your circles and your musings. I am also amazed by the possibilities that cycle in design. I really like this quilt, too.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Fascinating. Love the circle quilt. Beautiful colours and soothing with movement. Thanks for sharing all.

Approachable Art said...

"...everything I'm doing influences everything I'm doing"

Twas ever thus.

Great start to your series, lady! :D

Rayna said...

Love this piece - almost makes me want to do some printing!

Vicki W said...

It's going to be a great series!