Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dye Painting

Earlier this week I finally got around to using up some thickened dyes I had in the refrigerator -- from my last deconstructed screen printing session a couple months ago already! Typically I print on soda soaked fabric rather than having soda ash in the print paste/dye, so the thick dyes last a good while refrigerated.

Because I hadn't prepared any fabrics beforehand and because I was going to jettison the leftover dyes after this session, I added soda ash dissolved in warm water to the jars of dye...then I applied them to the fabric.

The first piece was monoprinted, and then I used a foam roller to apply dye to the fabric with a heavy mesh underneath the fabric.

Second piece was direct printed with dye on corrugated cardboard, then I used a syringe to apply the zigzag lines of dye. I sprayed some areas with water, to create softer edges in places.

I used a wide foam brush on this piece. The interesting texture of the dye was from alginate that never fully dissolved when I first mixed the stuff up. I sprayed this with water after applying the dye.

Monoprinted, then random printed using constructing fencing and another plastic thingy as stencils.

I syringed dye here, then sprayed with water so the dye would bleed.

Planning to do more surface design before the end of the month, then on to February's quilt challenges!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Interesting pieces. Thanks for sharing the process of doing each one. I especially like the syringe use effect with sprayed water.

Judy said...

very fun pieces! Like you, I prefer to use soda soaked fabrics rather than adding the soda to my dyes and print pastes.


Deborah Levy said...

great fabrics Connie! Reminds me that I have some thickened dyes in the fridge too...

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Rayna said...

These are yummy!