Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Calling All Angels

Ahh, the end of this year's weekly quilt challenge, and a wonderful sense of completion...but wait, there will be another quilt for this week, in a day or two, with another iteration of the same angel. This one, number 52/09, is called My Guardian Angels.

The story behind the making of it (there's always a story, isn't there?) is that I found this cool angel painting in a magazine not long ago and I scanned it into my computer. I'd been wanting to work with sheer fabric for a while and printing these angels was just the thing to get me started. The angel on the left is thin cotton muslin, the middle one is silk organza, and the one on the right is silk habotai.

I fused the images onto the background fabric and added Lumiere with handcut stamps. I particularly like the lotus pod stamp I made a while ago. And then I sewed beads on. I love this little piece, will hang it high in my studio somewhere so the angels can watch over me.

The second piece for this week has one digital image of the angel and I'm looking forward to finishing it off. Working with sheers was wonderful, I'd like to do a lot more with them as my work evolves.

This morning I finished all the quilting on my latest collage quilt. I think I like it best from this series. And I've got the second Lake Como quilt about ready to put together.

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday this weekend -- safe, happy, warm, healthy, full of peace, love and joy!


Diane Wright said...

I really like this one! The images, the stamp, the luminere...I could go on....


Merry Christmas Connie

I wish you love, health, peace and lots of nice things for 2010

Lots of love
Carolyn xx

frazzledsugarplummum said...

The colours remind me of that found in old encyclopedias from the 20s through to the 50s. The old English ones that were organised under topics and had a lot of sepia drawings. I would love to see this one in person so I could appreciate the transparancy and fabrics better. Love the seed pod shapes.
All the best for the festive season and looking forward to your pieces for 2010.

The Green Stone Woman said...

It;s simply wonderful, Connie. A real work of art. It should be hanging in a house of worship. Any house of worship. It's so very lovely. Immaculate work you did on it.