Monday, December 7, 2009

No Rules

"No Rules" sounds like anarchy...this week's quilt, #50/09, is called Break The Rules. The two odd-shaped sections are parts of a digital print, the background a piece of low water immersion dyed muslin.

I made this entirely today, while I was internally sifting and sorting options for my next set of quilts. For now I'm finished with the collage quilts and am moving on to quilts inspired by digital photos I've taken.

I decided today that my personal challenge for 2010 will be making two 16x12 quilts each month, both inspired by the same photo. This will give me a good opportunity to work out different design solutions for one source of inspiration rather than moving on too quickly to something else. Partly this is influenced by another online group called Digital to Textile, eight artists who use the same photo as inspiration for each different challenge. The range of their work, their completely different take on the same photo, is awesome.

So I'm going to end this year with two quilts based on a photo I took in Italy two plus years ago. This afternoon I worked on the first one.

Work also continues on my Fiberactions challenge quilt. It's being one of those projects where you think you know where you're going when you start, then step by step everything changes and you make different choices. The most important part for me is getting started and just letting it evolve without preconceptions. Each "mistake" I make leads to a better outcome.


Rayna said...

I love to see your work evolving, Connie!

Unknown said...

I love mistakes like that. ;) Good luck with your goal, hon!

Deb Hardman said...

wow, you have to make extra challenges for yourself? How do you find the time?

I really like breaking the rules when it comes to quilting. I think it's fun! & it doesn't hurt anyone! I encourage rule breaking in all of my classes. It makes my students happy, & they often tell me I have freed them up!

I love your creative fabrics!

Deborah said...