Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Take

Yesterday I completed the first quilt based on my digital image of Lake Como, taken in late 2007. I'm calling this one Afternoon On The Lake, finished size 16x12 inches. The second piece has yet to be begun, but I do have a stack of possible fabrics ready to preview. Original image is the last photo below.

Meanwhile, a few weeks back I began putting fabrics together for another quilt based on one of my collages from early this year. After originally thinking I would let it go, I decided yesterday that I would do it after all. Largely, because I printed a cool digital image on fabric specifically to use in this piece, and I do want to use it thus. So these two quilts are on my agenda for this week, along with the last of my 2009 weekly quilts.

And it's time for a party, this being the end of my first full year of art quilting! I will be announcing this again in a forthcoming post, but here's advance notice that I'll be having an Anniversary GiveAway on this blog -- one of my weekly quilts, framed and ready to hang. I'll say more soon, so stay tuned if you want a chance to be gifted with one of my quilts!

And speaking of GiveAways, I'll be announcing another one soon on Collage Journey -- since it has also been a year that I've been collaging daily. The gift in this case will be a set of notecards with different collage images on each one. I will likely announce this giveaway here, as well as on Collage Journey, since I have lots more followers here.

It's pouring rain out now, and I'm headed soon for the studio!


Sue Bleiweiss said...

This is a wonderful piece Connie!

Susan Purney Mark said...


I love your work and congrats on the anniversary!
What fabrics do you prefer for the photo printing?

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Fabulous piece. Love the shimmer coming through.

frazzledsugarplummum said...


Congratulations on a full year of art quilting and collage. It has been a treat and a pleasure to follow....I have learn't heaps too thanks for that and for sharing it all.

Irene said...

I've enjoyed looking at your collages all this time. Your quilts are amazing. I love how you can reflect what you see back in them. You have an amazing way of combining patterns and colors. I know that is a natural gift that you have. We could not imitate it if we tried. It must be wonderful to create and finish each one of them and feel satisfied about it. You are surrounded by much beauty.

Unknown said...

I think you captured your photo really well, Connie! Your collection of fabrics is mind-boggling, too, I love all the surface design you've done on them!

Alice said...

An amazing illusion of depth in this one.