Monday, November 23, 2009

Just Named

I finished this week's quilt today, and just now decided on its name... Coin Of The Realm (#49.09). Deconstructed print fabrics with a tiny piece of batiked fabric in the dots of Lumiere. I love Lumiere on fabric!

The weather was gorgeous today, not a cloud in the sky. Warmish, as well. Looks like it'll be lovely right up until Thanksgiving, when there's a better than 50/50 chance of rain.

After working at my job Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I'll have six days off -- a mini vacation! Hope to get a lot of designing and quilting done over the holiday weekend. You'll most likely hear from me before the end of the week, but in case you don't check in again, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, and speaking of Thanksgiving...I do want to say how grateful I am for all you dear readers and fans of my work. In the last couple of months, my readership has grown nearly 100% over what it was prior, my daily hits are twice what they were, and I am very thankful to have you all on board. My love and hugs to you all!


Deborah Levy said...

Another great piece Connie! And you're right; way lumiere looks on fabric can't be beat! Happy Thanksgiving.

Julie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Connie :o) I am one of your new readers, found you just a few weeks ago, and I am inspired by your fabric dyeing and breakdown printing. Hope you get your wish for lots of playtime over the weekend.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Another wonderful piece. Colours are fabulous and especially love the stitching and the lumiere paint. Perfect name.
Happy Thanksgiving

Unknown said...

Another home run, I love this piece. Happy Thanksgiving!