Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Love A Good Challenge!

The other day I mentioned the new quilt challenge group I'm a part of and we're newly online as Fiberactions. There are 13 of us from around the globe, we come from different creative backgrounds although we've all been working in fiber in one way or another for quite a while.

Our first challenge will begin on November 15 and we'll have two months to complete each quilt. The next theme will be announced on the day we post our finished quilts. We'll be rotating amongst the 13 of us to choose the theme each time.

The Fiberactions blog has links to all of our individual blogs, and we'll be posting finished pieces there, as well as narratives we write about our work. I'm really looking forward to being in this group for the next two years plus, looking forward to our individual growth as artists and our collective growth as an online guild, which in essence we will be.

Hope you enjoy our work, as well. Check out the blog and take a look at all the talent in this powerful group of 13 women!


Deb Hardman said...

Connie, I am excited & honored to be a part of this group! Thanks!


Hi Connie, I popped over to Fiberactions. It does sound a very inspiring group. Thank you for making the group open, that we may see and share the beautiful work from the various challenges

Carolyn ♥

Meg Fowler said...

I, too, am thrilled to be included in this group of extremely talented artists. I just hope some of that talent rubs off on me!!!

Meg said...

Aha, I deleted this blog from my reader instead of Crone's and that would be why I saw stuff on FB but not on the Reader.

Good article, the one you put a link to on FB, Connie. But I have to go back and read it again.

And I think I'll still keep Crone's on the Reader as well. I liked that one - honest and real.

Rayna said...

I envy you all the time to particpate in such a terrific undertaking. Look forward to seeing the work that evolves!