Saturday, November 21, 2009

Collage Inspiration

I finished this piece today, my first 16x12" collage-inspired quilt, called Morning Prayer. This is the format I'll be using for my personal twice-monthly challenges next year, and this is also the first piece that completely satisfies my stated requirements for my SAQA vision quilts -- based on a collage of mine, and 16x12." The original collage is just below.

The foundation fabric for the piece is an old linen damask napkin, dyed at least once and discharged. I never totally liked the piece but it wasn't bad enough to do anything else to, so it sat in my blue/purple stack waiting for just this moment to be used. The vertical and horizontal bars are two of my favorite deconstructed screen prints, the fabric with white in it was a glue screen print, and the alter piece in the middle of that started out as a reject for a textile collage postcard!

I totally enjoyed making this piece -- I used some different, for me, quilting lines, and the new free motion foot worked like a charm!

We went to a wonderful Thanksgiving potluck here at the mobile home park tonight, and I can't remember having had such a delicious turkey supper before! It was really awesome. Unfortunately, I ate too much! But oh well, it was worth it!


Tristan Robin said...

I quite like this - very intriguing and evocative.


So simple, so beautiful. I absolutely love this collage for the subtle colours and perfect design

Have a wonderful week

Carolyn ♥

frazzledsugarplummum said...

A wonderful piece that feels solid and ethereal all at the same time. Love the colours and the stitching especially in the zigzagged rust/maroon coloured area. Thanks for sharing the original inspiration.

Unknown said...

Oh, I love this one!