Friday, October 23, 2009

This Fabric Was Saved

This week's quilt has winter written all over it ~ hence it's name, Winter Promise (#43/09).

The background fabric is a piece I recently treated with potato dextrin, and then painted black fiber reactive dye over it. Yes, black, unbelievably. I had originally planned to dextrin and then paint the cracked areas with Dynaflow, but I couldn't figure out how I could heat set the paint before washing out the dextrin. So I painted dye on it instead. The two pieces I showed several posts ago had been soda soaked prior to the dextrin/dye steps, but this piece started out as white and hadn't been soda soaked. So I added soda ash to the dye.

Dextrin has the capacity to discharge some dyes, and I'm sure the combination of the weakened dye (adding soda ash dissolved in water to the already-prepared dye solution weakened it some) and the dextrin discharge created this unusual lilac color. I thought the fabric looked pretty yucky, which is why I never posted an image of it earlier. But combined with these other soft colored fabrics, it really worked! I particularly love the soft greens and purples together.


Sandra Rude said...

And I love the contrast between the dextrin patterning and the bolder shapes of the appliqued pieces. Nice work!

The Idaho Beauty said...

That background fabric is a lovely color, if one didn't know it was supposed to be something else! I'm glad you found a use for it - it does work well in this piece.

You CAN use paint for this sort of resist method, but you must be patient and use the "passive" method of letting the paint set. There's a chart in the book "Off-the-Shelf Fabric Painting" that lists the passive setting time for various brands of paints. Generally, it takes 10-14 days when you cannot apply heat directly.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Wonderful piece. I especially love the purple and green together and the way the quilting continues the flow of the branch type applique piece. The background fabric seems made for it. Thanks for sharing.

Rayna said...

Yummy -- this is one of my favorites; I am such a fan of muted and "off" colors. Great texture, too!