Monday, October 12, 2009

On The Wall

Work is going slowly on that new quilt I posted late last week ~ there's been so much else going on. I've been involved getting my new computer up to speed, which really hasn't been much of a big deal at all, but it does take time away from other things. And today I was at a dyeing class for a couple of hours, then did errands in Eureka before returning to Fortuna, then went to the recycling center with our semi-monthly load of stuff, then back to the studio for a bit, then had a slice of apple pie for supper, then uploaded a bunch of new photos to Flickr...and here it is 9:00 and the wind is blowing in advance of rain that's coming in tonight.

These three images show what's currently on two design walls. This stuff's been here a while, does have new fabrics thrown on or pulled off periodically. Not sure what, if anything, will become of the second and third pieces. But the one on top is beckoning to me.

In the "teaching old dogs new tricks" department, I'm loving Windows Vista. It's so much better than XP. I love the way everything looks on my new computer, the programs, my photos, everything. It feels like a new lease on life...which is always welcomed!

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Sandra Rude said...

I really like that last combination on the design wall, and hope to see it in finished form some time soon!