Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jar Dyeing Follow Up

Thanks for all your comments about yesterday's post.

A couple of you asked what colors I used and in what order. I started with lemon yellow at the bottom, then added different blues and purples in some order I can't remember, did add a bit of deep yellow to one of the blues to make green somewhere near the top, threw in some red-orange later on, and finished up with a purple, maybe amethyst.

The thing is, with this dyeing you can never repeat what you did before, and there are no mistakes. You've just got to try it. When I saw others' jars at the end, I was sure I'd used the "wrong colors."

Have fun with your own experiments!


Sandra Rude said...

These are all lovely! I really like the LWI results - especially doing so many colors at once in the same container!

imquilternity said...

I think the element of surprise is what makes this dyeing method so much fun!

Pat said...

I've always enjoyed container dyeing - the results can be spectacular. Your pieces look great!