Friday, September 4, 2009

Today In The Studio...

...I finished this week's quilt, Stormy Sea (#36.09), in addition to completing a bunch of quilted postcards. I'm getting quite a little collection of personal pieces -- keepers -- along with the ones I plan to sell.

Stormy Sea started out as two halves of one LWI dyed fabric that I applied Shiva Paintstix to over rubbing plates. The water and binding are some of the recent black shiboried muslin.

This weekend I'm planning to finish a large shibori quilt -- the first one I planned, although the last one to be quilted. Maybe next week I'll get back to the deconstructed screen printing I've been meaning to do for weeks now.

Meanwhile, I hope this weekend turns out to be as beautiful as it's been here the last few days. Have a good one yourselves!

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