Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just For Pleasure

I just finished this little piece, Lake View, which will hang in our bedroom. It just needs hanging loops to put a dowel through. I began the piece a couple months ago, the fabrics sat on my design wall for a long time, I pieced some sections together then cut them up and tried rearranging them...but didn't like that, so I sewed the pieces back together and then I liked it!

It's been a joy to make something purely for pleasure, something I rarely do for myself. I guess all the art I make is for myself, really, but it's rare that I have a personal use for something in mind from the get go.

The biggest hardware store in Eureka devotes a section of their garden shop to local artisans during the holidays, and I met with the coordinator today about having my textile postcards and small quilts available ~ which they will be!

Thursday next week I'll be installing two shows in downtown Eureka -- one at the Humboldt Carpet Showroom for October, and one at the North Coast Knittery for October and November. I'm excited about my art having a lot of local exposure over the next few months!


Gerrie said...

Way to go with the marketing!! You are so industrious. I feel like a slug these days.

Vivika said...

Beautiful work, and congratulations on your shows!

Approachable Art said...

I'm really falling in love with deconstructed screen printing, to the point of focusing most of my winter months on it this year and possibly taking a live retreat some time next year. Your results inspire me even further!!

Sandra Rude said...

congratulations on the shows! and I love your lake view.

Vicki W said...

Lake View is fantastic!