Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Work In Process

In addition to the piece I posted a photo of last Friday, and which is now pieced, backed, basted and ready to quilt, I've got these three other quilts ready for the machine. Two are still pinned in these photos taken early this morning, but now all are good to go.

The first one here is the latest in my discharge series, number eight. And the second and third are from my black shibori batches.

I've also got this week's quilt ready to go, and plan to stitch that one first, of course. But I'm on a roll ripping fabrics up and designing quilts, so I may do another couple before I begin quilting in earnest. In fact, I've got three or four piles of fabrics on my table just waiting to see what I come up with. So we'll see what tomorrow brings.


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Wow! I really like the first one! Rich tones, fabulous shapes... can't wait to see it finished! Hmmm.... do you baste the pieces together? I may have to try that some day...

Unknown said...

i love the earthy tones of your first piece. The first B&W reminds me of winter; the second reminds me of the blips on monitors that measure patient heart rates, etc. Great stuff, Connie. Im going in to see your show on Friday.


Rachel said...

Wow- great work. Am wondering if you could recommend a commercial black that discharges to a cream. Have only found ones that change to a rust, and would really like a creamy color. Any suggestions?