Thursday, August 13, 2009

Waiting For The Rains

The new quilt, fininshed yesterday, second in the recent shibori series, 17 x 17 inches, titled Torrential Rain. At this moment, I'm NOT waiting for the rain, still enjoying this little slice of summer we're experiencing on the North Coast. But I will be soon, autumn being my very favorite season.

I saw a terrific show last night at our local Piante Gallery (one of very few, maybe the only real gallery in Eureka) of encaustic work by Kathleen Zeppegno. Her work is more highly textured than other encaustics I've seen -- although I admit to only seeing other work in printed format, not in the flesh -- and abstract. Very thought provoking and inspiring for me.

Off to the studio shortly!


Jamie Fingal said...

I love the lines in this piece and the movement they create by placing the fabrics in different directions. This is a great piece. Love the title too, so appropriate.

pattynubs said...

The shibori pieces you have been doing with the black are wonderful. Love them!