Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wild At Heart

My latest quilt, finished today -- Wild At Heart. Finished size is 23 x 20. This one went really quickly and was very enjoyable to make -- nice soft fabrics! Mostly cotton, with a bit of rayon in the digital image, and a piece of raw silk at the bottom.

The digital image was a section of a photo I took of a handcut stamp on paper, that was heavily manipulated in Photoshop. Most of the other fabrics were shiboried, and I've also got a stencil print, two different prints with glue gel screens, and a deconstructed print.

The photos of my paint dyeing session on Tuesday are ready to upload, but I'm going to do that tomorrow. All in all, today was another really great day in the studio...despite the fact that the weather in my neck of the woods has been crappy all week. Overcast, cold, damp. Arrrgggghhh -- summer on the North Coast!


imquilternity said...

Love it! It's wonderful!

Gerrie said...

I am gong to try this!!