Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Treats

This week's quilt, just complete...29/52.2009 ~ Raspberry Shortcake. I just now decided on calling it that -- that was one name I had in mind, along with Raspberry Sundae, Berry Parfait and Raspberry Sherbet. Obviously, I've had delicious summer treats on my mind all day!

The fabrics are printed and stamped cotton/rayon and linen. Ooh, remember Creamsicles by Good Humor? I think Creamsicles were the raspberry sherbet and vanilla ice cream on-a-stick treats, and Dreamsicles were orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream. Maybe it was the other way around. They certainly were delicious. Honk if you remember those!

I'll be in the studio tomorrow, for sure. First thing, I'll get a shibori pot going, with one of the four black dyes I now have. I was inspired this week to create a quilt out of fabrics shiboried with all these dyes, and I'll be dyeing one batch at a time. Should be interesting!

Sunday I'll be going to the Redwood Empire Quilt Guild's biannual show in Eureka. My art quilt group will have a collaborative piece on display, and I can't wait to see what all the fantastic local quilters have been up to these past two years. I don't belong to the guild -- I don't do guilds any longer -- and its orientation is toward traditional quilting. Nevertheless, there's usually a great showing of more art oriented quilts. So it should be great fun!


Gerrie said...

Love this. One of your best.

Alice said...

Lovely. It appears to me that your recent work has focal points in the very center. Interesting. Is this telling us something about your life at the moment?