Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Second Black Batch

Thought I'd better upload these photos from the second black shibori batch I did last week, before I do the third batch today! The black used in these photos is Procion #300. This black is bluer than the first batch (Procion #39). Quite a bit of purple washed out in the final rinse, leaving blue-turquoise edges. Lovely!

The first piece above -- can you tell what I used as the resist? The piece below was wrapped on a piece of very thick poly rope.

Third piece below is bomaki arashi ~ sew the long edges of the fabric together and fit over a pipe, scrunch down, hold the edges with rubber bands or thin fabric strips tied very tightly, and dye.

Anyhow, back to the studio!


Gerrie said...

Oh, now there is some gorgeous shibori.

judibel said...

I follow all your work and it always wow's me, but your black series!!! While I love color, I just love your black series even more. It is elegant, mysterious, rich. The pieces have that quality I associate with the black and white photos of Atget. thank you for sharing.
Judith in NYC