Saturday, July 25, 2009

Painted Fabrics

On Wednesday I painted a bunch of fat quarters, with the intention that they be background fabrics for further printing -- deconstructed screen printing or otherwise. These are some of my results, and a few of these I will likely use as they are instead of doing further layers on them -- at least that's my thinking for now. All these were done with pre-soda soaked fabric, which is how I like to work when I paint or print.

The second piece, just below, was the blotting fabric for the one on top. I like doing this a lot -- if you get the painted fabric wet enough and lay another piece on top, then let them dry like that, you get the most interesting textures on the top sheet!

I found it very easy to replicate low-water immersion effects by simply scrunching up the fabric and holding in my hand, and dabbing on dye wherever. Then just open it up and let it dry like that.

The fourth piece was another blotting fabric, I liked it much better than the piece it was laying on!

And the last piece is my favorite -- of non-blotter fabrics.

I won't get to the studio until later today, and I've got another batch of fabrics to steam. This bunch was printed on yesterday, several were fat quarters dyed on Wednesday. Yesterday I mostly monoprinted on those fabrics, working out my technique for getting good monoprints using thickened dye instead of fabric paint. I'll upload photos in a day or two.

I also have a rusted piece to finish off. I haven't rusted in close to a year, but a friend shared her technique and I've been anxious to try it again. I already know the result is far better than anything I've ever achieved before with rusting. So look for that early next week!


Unknown said...

this looks like so much fun. the blotter fabrics are way cool

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Nice! Were you using dyes or paints on these?

Kim Hambric said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog through Tracy Helgeson on Facebook. Your work is stunning. I especially love Lunar Influences. Looking forward to coming back and seeing what is new.