Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Quilt

Here's the latest quilt, completed today ~ Lunar Influences, 26 x 23 inches. All of the fabrics were shiboried, including the handwoven pieces, except the two rusted and batiked pieces with the organic circles. Nearly all the fabrics were also stamped with Lumiere or Setacolor metallic paint. I really love the unusual color combination here.

As I lamented on Facebook, my hands are a mess. Somedays they hurt more than other days, usually I just push through it because, let's face it, I'm not going to stop using my hands. The combination of my carpal tunnel with today's intense handwork through high-thread count cotton, though, did a number.

I don't usually use Kona cotton, but I shiboried the binding a week or so ago, to match the rest of the quilt, and I used a piece of Kona. Most quilters that I know love the stuff -- yes, it dyes beautifully. But I prefer fabrics with a softer hand. Which is why I use muslin a lot, and linen. Kona is difficult, for me anyway, to sew by hand. Kind of like high-thread count sheets and pillowcases. Great finding old ones to dye and print on, but not good for handsewing.

I learned yesterday that one of my entries was accepted into the Foto-Fiber-Fabulous quilt exhibit at Fiber Artspace in San Antonio. Very exciting. I'm actually very stoked that although I haven't been art quilting for very long, I've gotten into just about every show I've entered. I'm really encouraged by that. Sales will follow -- my mantra!


Gerrie said...

Yeah! You got in. Why didn't you let me know? I love this piece. Love the colors and how you have connected them.

Kim said...

Oh this is lovely! The colors, the composition, the stitching, they all work so beautifully together! Congrats on the FFF exhibition too, well done!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

This is a beautiful piece! And I love that it's almost all shibori!
Sorry to hear about your hands... you do amazing work, in spite of it! And congrats on your piece being accepted... that is really awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'm completely ahh struck with the color combination and how well it all pulls together! Congrats!