Thursday, July 9, 2009

More New Stuff

I left my camera at the studio this evening, so no photos today...

I did two more LWI dyeing experiments yesterday, one turned out better than the other, but I'm still not ecstatic about my results yet. I think my mixed dyes are beyond their life expectancy -- I know they are, as a matter of fact, so I need to remix some before going on.

At any rate, I can say for sure that I need to begin LWI with wet fabric (some instructions say to start with dry fabric), because all the experiments I did with dry fabric produced results where the colors were too blended and muddy. I also know for sure that there's definitely a limit to how much dye/water liquid to use -- too much liquid again produces muddy results. One of the methods I followed yesterday said to use several cups of liquid, without indicating how much fabric that would dye. Consequently my fat quarters were inundated with liquid and the colors all mooshed together.

So I know a few things now as I go forward. And there'll be more experimenting in the next week or so, including paint-dyeing fabric. Why I'm doing all this, in the first place, is that I want to create base dyed fabrics that I can print on top of. Like I'm doing with some of the shiboried fabrics, deconstructed printing on those and getting terrific results.

Anyhow, I just started a Facebook Page -- check it out and become a fan!

I'll have photos tomorrow, I promise!

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