Friday, July 10, 2009

Fabrics du Jour

With all the low water immersion dyeing experiments I did this week, I probably dyed 3 or 4 yards of fabric. And in all that, I probably got half a dozen pieces I liked enough to put directly in my cloth stash -- although some of that could be overprinted later. I have one more experiment to do tomorrow, then I'm onto dye painting.

I did more deconstructed screen printing yesterday, and these photos are the results. I had a bunch of highly thickened purple and red dye left, which is why many of my pieces recently are printed in purple or red! The piece above was discharged a few weeks ago, then I DSP'd it with an earlier screen, then overprinted it this week.

This one was DSP'd over a shibori piece -- I'm loving the effect of combining these two techniques.

The last one's a killer piece! It's a piece of linen that I DSP'd eons ago with a black screen, which went gray/blue. So I overprinted it yesterday with four prints lined up vertically, then on the edges I used a glue screen I've been working with for a couple of weeks. Tip, if you use the blue glue as a resist on screens, and you want to prolong the life of the screen, wash the dye off with cold water. The glue will stay on the screen.

Also up tomorrow, another shibori session, to overdye some of the not-so-great stuff I dyed this week! Will upload photos when they're available.

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Terri Stegmiller said...

Oooo, that last photo is fabulous!!! Love the colors and designs in that one.