Monday, June 22, 2009

This Just In...

This is my latest quilt, finished over the weekend -- Discharge Series, 7. The piece is approximately 24 x 34" and includes different cottons and linen fabric. The starburst in the center was a piece of black fabric that had small white dots/spots printed on it before I discharged it. I love these discharged fabrics!

This week I'm preparing for my upcoming solo show at Cochrane & Associates in Eureka. Mostly what I need to do is get the hanging rods and slats ready for each piece, and select which pieces to show. And make info labels for each piece. Likely I'll have more pieces ready than will get hung. Cochrane & Associates is a locally owned brokerage company that regularly features art by local artists, individual artists or small groups.

I'll be back later -- I've got a bunch of things to do today and need to get going. Have a good one!

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