Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Recent Fabrics

With all the other things I accomplished in the studio this week, I also printed up a storm on Thursday afternoon...the first piece is a print from the tail end of a deconstructed screen. There wasn't a whole lot of image left on the screen, resulting in the relatively small amount of printed image and the overall background coloration of the fabric, as the print paste picked up color from the dried thickened dye.

This piece was discharged recently, then printed this week with a masking tape patterned screen.

This is another deconstructed screen print -- the second go-round for this piece of fabric that had originally been shiboried once or twice.

This is a print made with a glue-resisted screen, on raw silk that had had the same screen printed on it a couple months ago.

Another glue resist screen print.

An amazing piece, this one -- deconstructed screen printed on scrunch shiboried muslin.

And this last piece was same as the one above -- deconstructed screen print on scrunch shiboried muslin.

I particularly love the last two pieces. I'm moving more and more toward the abstract, serendipitious, unreproduceable fabrics. Yesterday and this morning I finished reconditioning all my silk screens, plus building a few new ones, and plan on doing a bunch more deconstructed screening in the coming week or two.


Rayna said...

sigh...our fabrics are cousins but I like yours better.

Ginny Gaskill said...

These are so beautiful. I hope to learn how to do all these things.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Can I come play with you? I'll bring cookies... ;->
Love your prints!

Sandra Rude said...

That last one is absolutely spectacular!

Gina said...

Gorgeous fabrics! Love them all but favorites include the colours of the third and the design of the fourth.