Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Week, Another Quilt

This just-finished piece is my weekly quilt, 23/52.2009 ~ Savannah, shown with the collage that provided the inspiration for the quilt. They don't look all that much alike, at this point, but the collage was the starting point. I realized this week that we're in the 24th week of the year, so I'm planning on finishing another weekly quilt this weekend -- then I'll be back on track next week, the 25th week. Can you believe that half 2009 is nearly gone?! Amazing!

I've been printing a lot of fabric this week -- it's the first time I've printed in my new studio, even though I've been here for two months already. I prepared a deconstructed screen early in the week and printed it off today. I've monoprinted, stamped, and stenciled, all with thickened fiber reactive dyes. I also did some other silk screening, with newspaper and masking tape as resists. And prepared a second deconstructed screen before finishing up today. Overall I'm not particularly enchanted with anything, but that could change when the pieces are dry and ironed.

I'm still experimenting with all of these techniques, although occasionally something will turnout really well. I'm far more satisfied with the shibori I've done recently than I am with the printing. But I keep working at it, and that's the important part. I have to keep reminding myself that I've only begun with all this, the work that others do that I'm really intrigued with is a result of each artist's own laborious process of developing what works for them.

Anywho, I'll take some photos of the best pieces tomorrow, and upload them. Have a fruitful weekend!

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