Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Something Different

This week's quilt, 18/52.2009 ~ Age of Pisces, is quite a bit different than what I've been doing. The top was a scrap of Osnaburg homespun cotton that I shiboried twice, then I stamped it with Lumiere textile paint, then quilted it, then beaded it. The backing is a piece of recently scrunch dyed muslin. I've had those serpentine fish for 15 years.

Emboldened by recently selling one of my Discharge Series quilts, plus the fact that two of my weekly quilts will be on exhibit at the Small Quilt Open in Camarillo, CA from May 16 through July 4, I've decided to sell my weekly quilts. I've been considering different ways to mount/hang them, though, before I make them available. Meanwhile, all the discharge and weekly quilts can be seen on my website.

After a beautiful day here yesterday, it's storming again. Hopefully today's inclement weather will finish it off for a while and we can get on with spring, proper!


Gerrie said...

This has a nice peaceful, zenlike feel. I love the fish beads.

verobirdie said...

A lovely peace, really.
The colors are beautiful.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Always beautiful work.

--donna said...

Hey, Connie, good idea (selling weekly quilts). I've been reading about a number of artists that are getting on with the challenge of weekly art, and are selling the pieces to collectors. The magazine that I read it in was from a collector's prospective, and opined that it was a great way to find art and artists that could become cherished.

I remember one time when I was in an Oakland gallery and saw a collection of miniature quilts with fairly traditional patterns and huge prices. I'd consider them doll house quilts, but the gallery owner said they were collectibles for asian tourists who were hitting the area in droves.