Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mojave Sunrise

This is the new digital quilt, the back of which I uploaded yesterday. I'm calling it Mojave Sunrise, and it's 15 x 21 inches. In case you missed the first quilt in this series, which I uploaded last weekend, click here to see it.

I was in the studio for at least 10 hours yesterday, and I loved it. Today I had errands to do in Eureka and didn't get as much studio time as I wanted. But tomorrow and Friday I'll be back at it. I'm enjoying my new studio immensely and am happy with what I'm producing, more and more all the time. So I'm wanting to spend as much time there as possible right now. A very good thing, indeed!

1 comment:

verobirdie said...

I love the pattern and the colors!
Glad you enjoy your time in your studio.