Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ah, Roses!

I'm feeling better today, despite myself. I really had the blues yesterday. Today's shining sun really helps. Maybe I'll even make some art this week! Actually I am working on things, but have been in one of those "what difference does it make" moods. I've got to snap out of it!


Theresa said...

Well, that certainly is lovely and it brightened my day looking at it.

Sandra Rude said...

My method - try something completely new, something that's a big stretch. That should get those creative juices flowing again, and help you feel positive about making art. Go for it!

narkeymarkey said...

ah, that ol' familiar "what difference does it make" mood - unfortunately this usually occurs in the people who are making the most difference :)

be kind to yourself, and surround yourself with inspiration, you will soon return :)x