Saturday, April 18, 2009

On The Poles

I took these shots early yesterday morning, before the shibori dye later in the day. I love the photos in themselves. Later today or tomorrow I'll post the shiboried fabrics. Unfortunately, the underpaint washed out a lot, because I "cheated" by drying the painted fabrics in the sun. The unfixed dye really washed out and lightened up in the shibori dye bath. But they look great here on the poles.

No matter, I've got lots more fabric to work on, and a never-ending stream of more. I'm glad that I did the entire process once through, this week, because of course my working methods have changed with the new studio. And I wasn't quite sure how it all was going to work -- which is why I dried the painted fabrics in the sun, as I don't have a lot of floor space to lay them about. Next time I'll just paint fewer pieces of fabric in one session, to begin with. But once I got started, I just couldn't stop!


Alice said...

What beautiful process photos. I'd be tempted to stop right there!

Bonnie said...

Photos are totally smashing!! I'm drooling on my computer screen.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, yes, I love those shots too! Pouting because I have to wait to see your results. vbg