Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring At Last!

Enough with the photos already! Many thanks to all of you who commented on the two photos I uploaded this week, and my sincere appreciation that you all like me better the way I am now! I never meant to convey that I wish I still were that younger person, only that I really liked how I looked in the 1984 photo. I'm far happier today than I was back then, and I wouldn't want to go back there for anything. Largely because life has just started to get really good!

Rites of Spring studio quilt

So, here's my weekly quilt, above, and the collage that inspired it, below. "Rites of Spring" ~ 12/52.2009 is made entirely with handpainted or printed fabrics. There's a freshness and immediacy to this piece that I particularly like. It says Spring to me, fairly jumping off the design wall to be admired.

Recent paper collage

The collage began with a "waste" sheet of paper that I printed spirals on after having printed a few on another collage. So here you have cleaning paint off the stamp, liking that and making more impressions on a sheet of paper, using the paper in a collage, being inspired to create a quilt based on the collage, and stamping fabric for the quilt. I love how one thing spawns the next. So organic.

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imquilternity said...

I love your quilt and I can't quite put my finger on exactly why. I guess I like the neutral background with just hints of color here and there. It's terrific.