Thursday, March 19, 2009

In My Dreams

This is the photo I wish I could have posted yesterday -- me in 1984 with the best haircut of my life. I've thought of maybe using this one as my avatar -- but it always bugs me when folks post a photo of themselves from eons ago to make you think that's what they look like now. And when you meet them or see more recent images of them, your jaw hits the floor. Truth in advertising, puh-leeze.

Back story on this photo ~ I was just back from Bali, at my thinnest, living in Santa Cruz with my soon-to-be-former husband number two. When I look in the mirror now, I think I'm still half-expecting to see this younger woman staring back at me. Like I said, In My Dreams!


Meg said...

Though it is a nice haircut and photo, wouldn't it be a little freaky if you looked the same years later? No, I like you as seen in yesterday's post. Or the one of you at the loom with the longer hair. Or you smiling in Italy - now, I like THAT, too.

Chris Stusek said...

We all like the image of our younger selves. I agree with Meg I like the image of the you now. I think happy, self awareness and confidence and generousity....

Valerie said...

You know, I like the image from yesterday better. In it, I see a woman I can share a joke with. A woman who would let me take her scarf in my hand to give a weaver's handshake. A woman who would generously tell me which scarf is more flattering.

Today's image is a woman that I would shy away from....but I don't have the words to say why just now.

But I do wonder....we look back on images of our younger selves wistfully. But did we like the images we saw back then? In our culture, usually not.

I hope this comment embraces you and helps you to embrace the "you that you are" right now!

Happy belated birthday! I follow your blog, but don't often comment.