Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zen Rocks

Here's a little quilt I completed this weekend, entitled Zen Rocks. It's a standalone piece, meaning not part of my growing series. Zen Rocks is a wholecloth piece of cotton that was dyed, printed, and screened. The backing and binding are a commercial batiked cotton that matches the top perfectly. Finished size is 9.5" x 23."

I haven't posted it on my website yet -- it might be a personal piece, although I have absolutely no wall space to hang it at this point. So its temporary destination might just be that growing stack of small studio quilts!

I have to say this about studio quilting -- I'm hooked! I think quilting is more fun than any other medium I've tried over the years. Everything goes, and I love that about it.


Unknown said...

early morning and i am hungry. looks like a delicious waffle to me. love love love that texture.
how wonderful to find a medium that brings you so much pleasure!

Meg said...

And so many quilt-related stuff on... that... Fiber Arts Call for site, Connie.

Meg said...

Happy happy birthday!! Hope you're not sitting in front of the computer, but in your studio working away, or out and about, or with Scotty and BG.

Have a lovely day.