Saturday, February 21, 2009

Extra Credit

Postcards From The Edge I'm giving myself a Gold Star for the additional weekly quilt I made yesterday. So I made two 10" x 10" quilts this week, although I did little else!

This one here, 8a/52.2009, entitled Postcards From The Edge, was made with some of the original digital printed images that I had intended to use on the bigger piece I am doing for my art quilt group project. I didn't want to waste those images on fabric! And although it's kind of hard to tell from this image, I quilted it with metallic thread.

These particular images, especially the big photo of the rocks at the top, definitely reminded me of those old hand-painted photo postcards from the early to mid-20th century. Hence the name of the quilt.

My plan for today is to select a final image for the project quilt, and I am leaning towards one of these two possibilities:

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Wen Redmond said...

Really like this one- I'd say you're on to something!